Leash Training Puppies – Some Useful Tips

Leash Training Puppies – Some Useful Tips


A new puppy is a real joy to have around the house. House training a puppy is probably the first thing a pet owner will work on. Get your puppy acquainted with you and the whole family, as well as with the surrounding of your home. Training your puppy usually starts with proper food training, potty training and leash training. Puppy leash training is a significant part of every dog’s obedience training. Being drag by the dog on the sidewalk will give frustration to some dog owners. To avoid such incidents, some steps should be followed on leash training puppies.

Positive reinforcement is also important when training puppies. You may want to reward him for every little and simple things he will do during the training. This can also be applied not just for puppies, but for older dogs also. Positive dog training is a more effective way of shaping reliable behaviors, rather than using a rough force to train your dogs. Training puppies is not that difficult. However, it will require a lot of your patience and a little of your time and money. Never worry because there are different affordable resources that you will find to be a great help doing this task. Just as cheap dog clothes and embroidered dog collars, you can also have a dog training dvd by simply clicking on the different sites in the internet. Many choices can be found through various websites. Use this to your advantage, so that you can get the possible lowest prices for these items.

Training puppies to walk on a leash can also help resolve certain undesirable dog behaviors. Most puppies resist collars and try to get rid of it. Nevertheless, do not easily give up because the puppy is just starting to learn. Here are just a few tips to help your pup get used with the leash:

-    Use a long leash during the initial training and switch to the normal length once you begin with the real training
-    A simple and lightweight collar should be used to make the pup more comfortable and avoid chain leashes that  may cause injury to the puppy
-    Keep the leash loose and avoid tightening the leash if the puppy pulls, since this will make your puppy fight more

Train your puppy with the proper leash behavior. First, buy a collar that suits your pup and allow him time to get used to the collar. Expect that at some point, he may try to chew or scratch it off, especially if he is uncomfortable in wearing it. Second, attach the leash to the collar. If you see that your puppy is already comfortable with the collar and its leash, then it is the time to begin the leash training. Dog leash training is just as effective as puppy leash training. Patience and skills along with the proper method are all it takes to make a positive and fun experience while training your pup.



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